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About the Collection

Purpose Statement and Collection Summary

Raven Quill Collection is a project designed to showcase the possibilities of representing a creative process digitally. The centerpiece is an original handwritten manuscript. The creative project is entitled: Recasting the Renaissance in the Victorian Image of the Raven and the Writing Desk which is referenced in shorthand by the collection as RRVIRD. Hence, the RRVIRD Manuscript refers to the orginal handwritten pages of the text document.

FYI Notes:

Technical Specifications


Types of Media Represented in the Collection

Media is listed in the order of completion in the Creative Process. Note this project is representative of a linear creative process and is not necessarily applicable to non-linear creative processes.

  1. Handwritten Pages- Textual Documents scanned and presented digitally
  2. Audio Recordings- Vocal and music born digital
  3. Motion Pictures/Videos- Content is born digital

 Revisions Represented in Dublin Core

For a more detialed explaination of the revisions, see the TEI files that are forthcoming. Revisions follow these three rules:

Notes on Dublin Core 

Standards Adhered to in the collection's Dublin Core

Multipoints of Access For the Lyric pages

  1. TEI is in the document viewer
  2. Duplicate of the Jpgeg page in PDF format

TEI for Only the Lyric Pages

Installed Plug-ins that are Provided by Omeka.net 

Contact: ravenquillcollection@gmail.com

Additional Access Points: 

Digital Recordings on External Social Media Sites 

Youtube for Videos:

ravenquillcollection channel 

 Raven Quill Collection Playlist

Lastfm for Audio Recordings: 

Artist page: Raven Quill Collection

   Note: All five audio recordings in the collection are the five tracks on the Raven and the Writing Desk album. Each is available as a free download.

Collection page: ravenquillcoll

Note: All artists and songs reflect the entire collection's spirit, so that ravenquillcoll's radio may play a variety of musical styles.