Digital Act1 Recordings and Musical Accompaniment




After the Prologue, Act1’s audio is a continuation of the digital recording style. Electronic strings and the tick of the electronic metronome beat the music. The increasing digitization of the recording process is represented by the musical accompaniment: Rock (ex. The Who, Stevie Nicks, Lou Reed and John Cale) and experimental (ex. Kate Bush, Patrick WolfJohn Cale).  Layered with voice parts, the electronic composition of Act1 maintains the digital recording style of the Prologue. 

Likewise, the video for Act1 follows the Prologue’s digital recording style. Act1 uses the same formula of images and the audio recording as the Prologue video. However, Act1 digitally records distinctive images. Such that Act1 is not a repeat of the Prologue video with a different audio, digital recordings may repeat previous processes while creating a new work each time. Especially for creative work, the repeatability of digital recording processes may be conceived as an opportunity to diversify. Rather than repeating the same result, creative work may use the digital processes as regenerative processing to create a different product each time (Note this idea is based on the Syfy series Caprica). 

Act 1 Digital Incarnations
Digital Act1 Recordings and Musical Accompaniment