Digital Act1 and Final Lyric Page

<h2>On Idleness and Grief </h2><br />
<h3>Final</h3><br />
<h4> Lyric</h4><br />
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On Idleness and Grief



As previously discussed, Act1’s digital incarnations resemble that of the Prologue’s. Yet, the Final Lyric Page for Act1 is without any hand-drawn images that resemble nature.  Instead boundary lines and annotations border the handwritten words. This final lyric page surrounds handwritten words with distinct markings. 




Likewise, the notion of layers in digital audio recording sessions may lead to deceptive tangibility: Deceptive tangibility is the phenomenon of equating the tangibly concrete real with that of the intangibly abstract such that distinctions merge. For electronic instrumentation and the increasing digitization of recording sessions, deceptive tangibility may lead to equating these with the folk recordings of acoustic instruments. Although the folk recording sessions may be digital the instrumentation is traditionally acoustic as opposed to electronic instrumentation.  Especially since the audio is a digital incarnation of the final lyric page, the desire to translate the jargon of “layers” in terms of tangibility may be tempting. Continuing to acknowledge the audio recording sessions as digital and electronically intangible abstractions maintains their distinction. 

Act 1



As a type of digital recording video, also, may be susceptible to deceptive tangibility. Since the video is a digital incarnation of the final lyric page that includes the audio, each regenerative processing of the video is a testament to the digital incarnation process. Additionally, the second regenerative processing may become more susceptible than the first to deceptive tangibility. Each completion of the video’s regenerative processing may reinforce the temptation. 

Act 1 Digital Incarnations
Digital Act1 and Final Lyric Page