Digital Act2 and Final Lyric page

<h2>Playing your Part</h2><br />
<h3>Final</h3><br />

Playing your Part



Unlike the previous two final lyric pages, spirals connected by a singular line mark the end. The similarities and dissimilarities between the lyric pages indicate that regenerative processing continually shifts. Trends may not be strictly followed.





Likewise, digital incarnations’ regenerative processing follows the circularity of return principle.  Regenerative processing by circling back around to the same process returns a digital audio recording, but each digital audio recording session returns a distinct product. Regenerative processing continually shifts away from perfect replication.  

Act 3


generative processing fluidly uses the circularity of return principle. The audio occurs in two distinct digitizations. Although the video returns the audio unchanged, the circularity may be thought of as following the path of a digital video recording- instead of as following a digital audio recording. Images and motion plus sound.  

Act 2 Digital Incarantions
Digital Act2 and Final Lyric page