Digital Act3 and Musical Accompaniment




Considering the proposition that each successive product increases the temptation for deceptive tangibility, the final two audio recordings undergoing regenerative processing may be the trickiest territory. One constant among the digital recordings are the electronic instrumentation and the spoken words. Alongside the previously discussed variety of musical accompaniment are a few sprinkles of audio similar to that of Raven Quill Collection’s holdings: Spoken word (ex. Neil Gaiman) and poetry (ex. Emilie Autumn’s Your Sugar sits Untouched album). Given the continual shifts of regenerative processing, discussing the digital audio recording as tangible concretes would ease the difficulties of describing intangible abstracts. Due to the fluidity of regenerative processing engaging in deceptive tangibility, after a while is more than tempting, it becomes fitting. 

Act 3


Deceptive tangibility assumes the western notions of incompatible dichotomies. Yet, regenerative processing and the circularity of return principle have a built in fluidity. Fluidity assumes interrelationships and interrelation connections. In other words, there are many paths that may lead to the same point or may even forge a new path to another point. Moreover, the same process may create products of interrelation distinctions. 

Act 3 Digital Incarnations
Digital Act3 and Musical Accompaniment