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RRVIRWD Manuscript Creative Revision Processes

The representation of a creative revision process is the purpose for the Raven Quill Collection, so this exhibit displays the collection's heart and soul. Focusing on the revisions of the lyric pages to their final pages, this exhibit showcases  editorial markings and annotations. Content changes will not be discussed. 

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Digital Incarnations of the Final Lyric Pages

In comparison to digital born, digital incarnation is the fluidity among tangible and non-tangible work(s), especially for a creative process. This exhibit showcases the connections among Raven Quill Collection’s handwritten final lyric pages and the collection’s digital recordings. Audio and video are digital recordings and digital incarnations of the RRVWIRD Manuscript pages all contained within the Raven Quill Collection. Specifically, this exhibit only considers the audio and video recordings as digital incarnations of the final lyric pages.

For section that contain two pages: Firstly, the digital recordings are discussed, and secondly the final lyric pages alongside the digital recordings are discussed. Additionally, the first page discusses one or more parts of the musical accompaniment. Hyperlinked words and phrases all open a new window to the glossary [on the Conceptual Framework page]. Musical accompaniment refers to ravenquillcoll’s personalized radio: Links given to musical styles and artists open a new window to the appropriate page, also, since the same service is used each time, the names of artists and styles may be inputted (typed or pasted) into the Search box on without opening a new window each time.  Artists more likely to be recognized are listed first.

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