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Raven Quill Collection


These three points highlight the digital library and digital humanities foundation of the collection. Raven Quill is about understanding the original handwrittent textual revisions through digital instrumentation [means]. The collection is representative of creative revision processes by concentrating on the markings and annotations. 

As in Syfy's Caprica, we create the virtual world in our own image. 

Forthcoming new exhibit focusing on the videos that feature clips from the five original videos and clips from the five original audio recordings. Also, these videos have the newly developed "Digital type" reference in their Dublin Core elements. 

Note: Clicking on any of the links below opens a new window to allow you an easy return to the collection. 

Listen to personalized radio: ravenquillcoll

 Your window will open onto the radio. Music and audio recordings will play that reflect the collection's spirit.

Youtube: Raven Quill Collection 

   Watch all the videos on Raven Quill Collection Playlist.


Contact: ravenquillcollection@gmail.com