Digital Prologue and Final Lyric Page

<h2>Prologue</h2><br />
<h3>Final</h3><br />




Hand-drawn roses and a line with diagnol hatching are images marked on the page. This page originates from a tangible source. Although this jpg image is itself a digital incarnation of the handwritten lyric page, the actual item was created by hand  (non-digitally). 




Due to the type of recording, the audio has only sound. No images are embedded into the recording. Layers of voice and instrument electronically recorded play back the digital creations unlike the final lyric page’s static roses drawn by hand. Yet the spoken words that may be heard were written prior to the words digital recording session. Digital incarnation maintains the qualities of distinction and assimilation of a work. Especially for creative works, digital incarnations may be considered part of the revision processes. 



Like the final lyric page, the video contains images. Still the two differ. Digitally captured images in the video are not the same as roses drawn by hand in the final lyric page. Also, roses do not appear in the video. Milk, a cup, and a newspaper are not among the images in the final lyric page, but these are images in the video. Likewise, the video features the audio recording and, hence, encompasses the words written on the final lyric page. As such, the video may be seen as a continuation of the creative revision among the final lyric page and the audio recording. 

Digital Prologue
Digital Prologue and Final Lyric Page